Corporate Overview

Mission Statement:
In close collaboration with our partners and associates, our technical and design professionals utilize cutting-edge technology to provide complete ‘design and build’ solutions to our clients for their building projects all over the country. Headroom’s customized and sustainable design solution define innovative work process – synergize resources and manpower with our technical and project management team, sharing the responsibility of producing desirable, cost effective and functional design solutions.
Core Business Philosophy:
At Headroom, we believe in creating true value for our clients through responsible design and project management work. The core of our business philosophy is to help our clients to achieve their objectives and aspirations, by providing cutting-edge design solution and interior design implementation. Sharing our knowledge and expertise with our clients to return value is our ultimate goal.

Professional Management Team:
Headroom is run by local and international degree qualified architects and engineers with fifteen to twenty years work experience, supported by a team of project managers, architects, engineers and technicians. Our design and project management solutions reflect compliance standards of Architectural and Interior design process. At present we have a state-of-the-art setup for sixteen people to provide architectural and interior design solution as well as pre-engineered steel structure implementation.

We make sure our project management helps to address the following issues
(a) Correctness – in terms of design work to be done,
(b) Completeness – of all work done, and
(c) Commitment to deadlines.
Quality Assurance:
At Headroom, each project team complies with strict quality assurance measures. Our customized design and management solutions ensure that high standard of finished products are delivered at highly competitive price. Our success is rooted in our proven ability to serve our clients with the right people, the right technology, and the right systems.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our work.